Random Post – My Healing Journey

Today, it rained in my place. It is unusual to rain in this season. Even though it rained a month or two ago, I never got to enjoy it this year. I was also wondering, it is almost the end of the year and how quickly time flies. I am sure that the majority of […]

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Comeback Alert

Hello, world! My blog has been dormant for the past few months. I was taking a break from writing and letting myself relax. I missed writing here a lot. Honestly, I was feeling confused and stuck. I had a creative block. It took a long time for me to gain clarity, and now it feels […]

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A Letter Of Gratitude

It’s been a while since I posted on my blog. This is going to be a long post. The past few weeks have been exhausting. In fact, I was struggling a bit with my emotions and health. But I am moving forward and healing myself to a better position. The very last few days have […]

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I’m A Lotus – Poem

I’m a lotus.You will have to peelA Hundred layers andA Thousand petals toKnow the real fragrance. I’m a lotus.You will have to let meBloom myself, inMy own pace toSee the beauty of me. I’m a lotus.You’ll never see meFall, becauseMy roots are deepDown in the earth. I’m a lotus.You will never see meFail, becauseI flourished […]

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Searching For Home – Poem

I’m in search of a place called home,Since I came here.The place where I come fromThe place where I belong.I asked everyone I saw.Everywhere I go,Is it you, is it you?There’s never an answer. I’m in search of a place called home,Since I came here.A place far away,A place I don’t even know exists.I look […]

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I’m Light – Poem

I’m light.I bared my soul to the world,Let my light.Thinking that people willLove me for who I am.Wanted to be the oneWho spread the love,Make all around smile.A shoulder to cry on.Little bit I knew that,They were blinded byMy light. They penetrated a dagger throughMy glowing soul,My arms, my heart.I’m shattered like aBroken glass,Like a […]

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